Design Education Talks Ep. 67 – Tony Edisson

“If students come in, not really motivated, if they’re a bit blase, if they’re not hungry for education, maybe if they don’t see a purpose in what they’re doing. They’ll achieve mediocre results, and they may not enjoy it as much as they would. And certainly the impact upon graduation, their impact in the workplace, isn’t going to be as impactful as it could, could and shouldn’t be. So yeah, it’s all well and good teaching skills. But I think changing mindsets, in higher education, developing confidence, self esteem, is really important as well. Because without that there’ll be a fear about experimenting, a theory about failing, which is essential especially in our our domains.” 

Design Education Talks Ep. 71 – Prof. Taha Duri Design Education Talks

Prof Duri is a published author, translator, artist, and educator, having taught in Architecture, Interior Design, Health Sciences and the Built Environment and History and Theory of Art and Architecture for twenty years.Prof. Duri practiced architecture and interior design for a decate in New York City with specialization in the design and construction of health facilities and hospitals before being appointed overseas (UAE) to start up programs in Architectural Engineering and Interior Design (University of Sharjah and the New York Institute of Technology). His appointment at NYIT was as Associate Professor and Assistant Dean at the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) in Abu Dhabi, and Strategic Advisor for the Middle East, while also teaching conducting administrative duties, and pursuing his research interests. As of 2016, Duri is at the academic rank of Full Professor.Many of his articles were published in architecture and design journals through international conferences on architecture, humanities, and the arts. Professor Duri also provided editorial contributions to several newspapers and periodicals such as the New York Times, Herald Tribune, Architectural Digest, and the National in the UAE.As an artist, Professor Duri had his own art exhibitions and participated in others in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, New York City, and London, in addition to the acquisition of some of his paintings in the permanent collection of the Fischer Fine Arts Library at the University of Pennsylvania. Private collections acquiring his paintings include the Ruling Family of the United Arab Emirates.Prof. Duri has received several academic awards on consecutive years by the International Institute for Advanced Studies in Systems Research and Cybernetics (IIAS) in Germany and is Member of the Board of Directors. Presently, Professor Duri is the Dean of the College of Design at the American University in the Emirates in addition to his honorary appointment as Visiting Research Professor at the IIAS working on several research projects and works of art.Support the showFollow us on twitter at @newartschool Visits us on our latest articles at
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Professor Antony Eddison PFHEA. With a professional lifetime of teaching, management & leadership in Further and Higher Education in the UK and internationally, Tony is Advisor and External Examiner at several universities for innovative post-graduate programmes, as a practitioner he has worked in Architecture, Design and related Creative Industries and as an artist has most recently exhibited his work at The Royal British Society of Sculptors, London.
As a Senior Associate with QAA Tony works periodically on UK and international Further and Higher Education projects. His consultancy and research focus on developing new ways of unlocking creativity and innovation in business and education inspired by the innovative application of Design Thinking, FABLAB Maker-Spaces and LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®. His research publications focus upon archaeology, cultural-heritage and the use of VR in engineering, health and well-being and hazardous situation simulation.

Tony is a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy UK and from time to time is engaged as a consultant on a variety of business & international higher education related assignments and mentors those working towards levels of Fellowship recognition with AdvanceHE. 
Tony also heads up a small enterprise which designs and hosts innovative virtual and augmented reality online tours and experiences of castles, stately homes, and other buildings with a focus on communicating our cultural heritage to a global audience.

To end on something quirky, Tony is a keen cook, has been a voice-coach to a well-known celebrity chef and was fortunate enough to conduct the last recorded interview with the first chef to take cooking out of the kitchen, Keith Floyd. Tony can be contacted at

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