Planning for #VDEF24

Planning for #VDEF24 has began with a proposed date of September 24th and 25th 2024 Register here to be a … More

#VDEF21 Rama Gheerawo & Dr Melanie Flory: Creative leadership: beyond the computer.

So this is really a conversation of balance. The creative leadership model is about empathy, clarity, and creativity and the interplay between the three of those values, they change according to date, time pressure.

Balvir Nandra #VDEF21 – Twenty-first Century Art and Design Education: an artificial edifice.

Learn to engage in relevant reading to increase subject knowledge and broaden your mind in terms of detail and accuracy. Learn to investigate for more than one obvious source of something convenient like Google, for example, there are other search engines. Use multiple sources, including talking to people learn to question everything, starting with yourself, learn to be self critical without fear.