Design Education Talks Ep. 48 – Chris Murphy

A designer, writer and speaker based in Belfast, Chris is a teacher, but he’s a teacher who’s still on his own learning journey. As a design strategist he’s worked with companies, large and small, driving innovation by drawing on his 30 years of experience working with clients including: Adobe, Electronic Arts (EA) and the BBC. Chris mentors startup founders who are building purpose-driven businesses. This work is underpinned by his own startup, The School of Design, a community for design-focused entrepreneurs who are designing and building the businesses of tomorrow. The author of numerous books, Chris is a passionate speaker. He has spoken at events, large and small, all over the world, including Smashing Conference, beyond tellerr and and DIBI. He’s delivered keynotes, opened and closed conferences, and run workshops on a wide variety of topics. He’s known for his entertaining style, which is educational, but equally importantly enjoyable.

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