Design Education Talks Ep. 46 – William Mazza

Bill Mazza is professor of Critical/Creative thinking for thousands of students and instructors at the European Institute of Design in Florence and Rome, Italy. I have also conducted creative thinking workshops at Harding University/Florence Campus, F.U.A./Florence University of the Arts, Richmond University/Florence Campus, and SACI (College of Arts and Design) and Harvard University. I have extensive experience in unconventional creative marketing, promotional advertising, art direction, design, lifestyle shoots, corporate and event planning for international companies such as Salvatore Ferragamo, Marchesi de Frescobaldi Wines, and Schonhuber Franchi to name a few. I have developed a Creative Thinking Academy called the THINK ACADEMY that is actived in 4 countries. The THINK ACADEMY host 8 of my teaching methodologies based on my Theory called iMAZZiNATiON. That being said I have an original approach towards aesthetics, intuitive skill to unite images and ideas-independently of the will and thus begin an unconscious metaphoric process. I’m sure that you’ve heard of Creative thinking, design thinking, forward thinking, critical thinking, lateral thinking, out of the box thinking, mindful thinking are mostly taught in the higher education arena. These types of thinking approaches share a common concept of applying a structured procedure in thinking. It’s ironic to think that in school they teach you how to write, do math, about history, art, etc. They even tell you what to think about, but they don’t teach you HOW to think. The HOW part doesn’t come automatic. That’s what I teach… The How part. I am a creative director, art director, designer, creative methodologist, theoretician and teach creative thinking. I have developed 7 teaching methods based on my theory using cognitive reframing exercises … Some of which I have implemented at the European Institute of Design in Rome Italy and conducted workshops at other universities with phenomenal success and am now part of the Cambridge Creation Lab. Everybody can think and everybody can think creatively even though they don’t believe they can. Today’s world is extremely challenging with everything going on and requires thinking and rethinking skills. Thinking is the basis of whether you are a valuable asset to a company or not. Companies are desperately looking for the new and original ideas … If a company does not have a new idea they will never have an edge and are forced to rely on other fiscal marketing manoeuvres to beat the competition. Ironic to think, if they had an original idea there would be no need to compete because there is no competition. My workshops train you HOW to think creatively and to become a valuable asset for a business of any sector. My web is where you can see my portfolio. My Facebook pages are: Profile William Mazza and Mazza Creative Direction…

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