Design Education Talks Ep. 35 – Balvir Nandra

Balvir Nandra is currently working with undergraduate students of Architecture at Nottingham Trent University delivering a series of Integrated Design Studies components. His educational experience spans over more than two decades, during which he has been Course Director, Senior Lecturer and Senior Teaching Fellow for Graphic Design and Communication Design disciplines at graduate and post-graduate levels at Birmingham City University, UK. He has more than forty years of experience in both design practice and education in areas such as concept visualisation, marketing, public relations, typography, semantics, information design and design ethics. He has also worked as a consultant on several large-scale design projects, including work for Telecom Malaysia, ARUPS and Transport for London. He is engaged in active research and dialogue with several high profile international institutions ¬¬– this includes pedagogic development in partnership with Coventry University Online UK, and course delivery strategies for several educational establishments across Russia, China, India and South-East Asia. He is currently examining the impact of globalisation on educational delivery.

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