Design Education Talks Ep. 33 – Adam Paxmam

Adam Paxman has worked as a freelance illustrator since 2008. He has previously worked as an Associate Lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University on the Contextualising Practice theory module for first year Graphic Design and Illustration with Animation undergraduates. Adam has taught at Hugh Baird College in Bootle since 2009. He initially taught mostly on the Art and Design and Graphic Arts programmes at Further Education level. He has been a part of the Graphic Arts programme team at Hugh Baird University Centre since 2013, when the programme was validated by the University of Central Lancashire. Since then, Adam has come to specialise in Contextual Studies across all three years of study, lecturing and leading theory-based seminars for students on most of the design-related programmes. Adam also teaches practical sessions in subjects including Graphic Arts and Games Design. Adam is an alumnus of Liverpool John Moores University’s Graphic Arts Bachelor of Arts programme, where he specialised in Illustration, and Glyndwr’s Illustration for Children Master of Arts programme. He has a Post-graduate Certificate in Education. Adam’s research interests are diverse, responding to Calls for Papers from a variety of institutions, conferences and symposia. He particularly enjoys using illustration practice as a means to reflect on and analyse literary texts or topics of academic discourse. Adam is also currently exploring publish on demand (POD) opportunities for several personal long-term written and illustrated narrative projects.

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