Design Education Talks Ep. 72 – Prof. Ting Chawchen

Design Education Talks Ep. 76 – Tim Weaver Design Education Talks

"Meet Tim Weaver, AKA The Brand Weaver, the ultimate Creative Solutions Activist! With over 14 years in the creative industry, he's not afraid to shake things up and challenge the status quo. Tim's worked with big shot corporate brands like DC Comics, Lucozade, and EasyJet. Now, he's performing a dual role – leading a team of 15 creatives at Interactive Schools, a global independent school storytelling agency AND helping brands to stand out from the crowd as a solo freelancer.Tim's on a mission to inspire the next generation of creatives, because let's face it, there's nothing better than real-world experience to complement your education. He's living proof of that, and that's why Tim champions graduate recruitment, and student experience placements within his own team!"Support the showEquipment used to produce the podcast:Rodcaster pro IIRode NT1 5th generationElgato Low profile Microphone ArmMonster Prolink Studio Pro microphone cable Follow us on twitter at @newartschool Visits us on our latest articles at
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Professor Ting, Chawchen is a scholar who play a role in leading Chinese design education into the future in addressing the needs of both local and global community. His knowledge and understating come from his years of pedagogical experience in learning and working abroad, he generates international perspective to better interpret cultural differences and apply to his jobs in daily basis. He’s engagement in design practice focuses on solutions for aging, health and wellbeing in contemporary society achieved through interdisciplinary collaboration. He is the funding person of the successful global exchange initiative the Design Day Marathon initiated in 2016. This interdisciplinary design project brings together academics and students from learning institutes across the globe and has facilitated engagement in the development of innovative design solutions for significant social issues such as longevity, sustainable life and wellbeing.

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