Design Education Talks Ep. 69 – Shalini Prasad

Design Education Talks Ep. 71 – Prof. Taha Duri Design Education Talks

Prof Duri is a published author, translator, artist, and educator, having taught in Architecture, Interior Design, Health Sciences and the Built Environment and History and Theory of Art and Architecture for twenty years.Prof. Duri practiced architecture and interior design for a decate in New York City with specialization in the design and construction of health facilities and hospitals before being appointed overseas (UAE) to start up programs in Architectural Engineering and Interior Design (University of Sharjah and the New York Institute of Technology). His appointment at NYIT was as Associate Professor and Assistant Dean at the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) in Abu Dhabi, and Strategic Advisor for the Middle East, while also teaching conducting administrative duties, and pursuing his research interests. As of 2016, Duri is at the academic rank of Full Professor.Many of his articles were published in architecture and design journals through international conferences on architecture, humanities, and the arts. Professor Duri also provided editorial contributions to several newspapers and periodicals such as the New York Times, Herald Tribune, Architectural Digest, and the National in the UAE.As an artist, Professor Duri had his own art exhibitions and participated in others in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, New York City, and London, in addition to the acquisition of some of his paintings in the permanent collection of the Fischer Fine Arts Library at the University of Pennsylvania. Private collections acquiring his paintings include the Ruling Family of the United Arab Emirates.Prof. Duri has received several academic awards on consecutive years by the International Institute for Advanced Studies in Systems Research and Cybernetics (IIAS) in Germany and is Member of the Board of Directors. Presently, Professor Duri is the Dean of the College of Design at the American University in the Emirates in addition to his honorary appointment as Visiting Research Professor at the IIAS working on several research projects and works of art.Support the showFollow us on twitter at @newartschool Visits us on our latest articles at
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Shalini Prasad is an educator, integrative designer, brand consultant, and graphic artist. She runs her own design practice under DeSha Consulting and teaches visual communication and typography at the College of Art and Design at Lesley University. In addition to her professional and academic roles, she is a classical trained dancer, and actor. She loves traversing the many modalities of the creative arts along with the performing arts and believes that each informs the other, fuelling her overall nebulous, no man’s lands, trans-disciplinary artistic ideology (that she has finally made peace with! 🙂

Shalini’s collaborative and inclusive methodology enable her to seamlessly grasp, traverse, and interpret various modalities of design in both two and three dimensions, while fearlessly dismissing conventional boundaries, whether she is designing a brand,  a space, or a curriculum. With over twenty years of diverse experience, an interdisciplinary education in architecture, graphic design and art, she demonstrates a deep passion for storytelling and an innate artistic and analytical sensibility, whether she is studying the minutiae of typography with her students or designing larger movements of design in space for her clients.

Shalini moved to the US twenty years ago from India, having lived in 15 cities including England, the Middle East, and the US, with Boston as her home for the past three. You can find her in a happy trance doing the following: improv cooking, singing, home decorating, doing word games, running, playing the guitar, solving math riddles and reading memoirs. the show

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