Design Education Talks ep. 60 – Lia Vilahur

Design Education Talks Ep. 75 – Lisa Winstanley Design Education Talks

Lisa Winstanley is an Assistant Professor in the School of Art Design and Media. For the past decade she worked internationally as a design educator, however her academic career is also underpinned by over 20 years of commercial experience; working in the UK as a creative practitioner and design consultant.As a visual communicator, Lisa’s work has won many prestigious design awards including, 3 A’ Design Awards 2020, a Platinum Award at the annual Spark Design Awards 2020 and her branding work has been placed in the top 25 International Graphic Designs of both 2019 and 2020 in the Creative Quarterly journal best 100 Annual. Her work has been showcased in exhibitions internationally, in venues such as the Oculus in New York City, Barcelona, Zurich, Mexico and China. Lisa’s work is part of the permanent collections at MOOD – Museum of Outstanding Design. Italy and The Chicago Athenaeum Museum Collection.Lisa’s research reviews the intersections between ethical & collaborative design practices and pedagogies. She is interested in investigating multidisciplinary collaborations which allow designers to work together with society, to produce life-centric design solutions for society. Her research reviews what tools can help facilitate such collaborations and what systems need to be in place for effective and meaningful collaboration to transpire. In short, Lisa’s work investigates how we can leverage design ethically and collaboratively for the benefit of our society.Lisa's creative work and latest research projects can be viewed here: http://www.lisawinstanley.comSupport the showFollow us on twitter at @newartschool Visits us on our latest articles at
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Lia Vilahur Chiaraviglio is currently the Director of International at ERAM College, Girona, and a Graphic Designer. During her professional career she worked as: interior architect, industrial- graphic designer, and managing multidisciplinary teams. She co-founded and managed together with Eric Olivares the design studio, Inlightdesign SCP.

As an artist, she works mainly with collage and acrylics and sometimes with watercolour and woodprints. She participates in international congress and teaches workshops for different design faculties in Latin America, Asia and Europe. From 2004 to 2014 she worked as a teacher at the IED (European Institute of Barcelona) being the professor of the following subjects: Design Foundation, Colour and Trends, Material and innovation, Lighting, Presentation Techniques and Project Communication, at both bachelor and master levels. In the academic field she also worked as external coordinator, for the degree in Interior design at IED Barcelona, and as Program Leader for the Degree of Graphic Communication of the Northampton in ERAMCollege.

She worked for Materio FAD, on the research and divulgation of materials innovation. She is co-author of the book “Drawing for graphic designers”. Her education background is at Art History (UAB, Barcelona) with a one-year exchange student (University of Bologna). A BA Interior Design from IED Milan, with a cumulus exchange at Lahti Polytechnic Finland. And the “Renewable energies, Sustainability studies” from MasterD.

On linkedin is available more information about the studies and Curriculum Vitae.


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