Design Education Talks ep. 57 – Christian Guellerin

Design Education Talks Ep. 75 – Lisa Winstanley Design Education Talks

Lisa Winstanley is an Assistant Professor in the School of Art Design and Media. For the past decade she worked internationally as a design educator, however her academic career is also underpinned by over 20 years of commercial experience; working in the UK as a creative practitioner and design consultant.As a visual communicator, Lisa’s work has won many prestigious design awards including, 3 A’ Design Awards 2020, a Platinum Award at the annual Spark Design Awards 2020 and her branding work has been placed in the top 25 International Graphic Designs of both 2019 and 2020 in the Creative Quarterly journal best 100 Annual. Her work has been showcased in exhibitions internationally, in venues such as the Oculus in New York City, Barcelona, Zurich, Mexico and China. Lisa’s work is part of the permanent collections at MOOD – Museum of Outstanding Design. Italy and The Chicago Athenaeum Museum Collection.Lisa’s research reviews the intersections between ethical & collaborative design practices and pedagogies. She is interested in investigating multidisciplinary collaborations which allow designers to work together with society, to produce life-centric design solutions for society. Her research reviews what tools can help facilitate such collaborations and what systems need to be in place for effective and meaningful collaboration to transpire. In short, Lisa’s work investigates how we can leverage design ethically and collaboratively for the benefit of our society.Lisa's creative work and latest research projects can be viewed here: http://www.lisawinstanley.comSupport the showFollow us on twitter at @newartschool Visits us on our latest articles at
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“Design has become a strategic discipline for all the companies which thinks about their future. Innovation is at the heart of all the industrial and commercial problematics and design is the tool for the representation of this innovation. The designers do have nowadays the opportunity to occupy the top strategic positions. The careers of the designers has become a predominant questions for all companies.”

Christian Guellerin is the Executive Director of L’École de design Nantes Atlantique, the President of the French association France Design Education and honorary president of Cumulus, the international association of universities and schools of design, art and media. Christian Guellerin has been the director of L’École de design Nantes Atlantique since 1997. The school’s goal is to produce professionals in creation and innovation dedicated to promoting socio-economic development. The school regards design as an opportunity to generate added value and facilitate progress. Christian Guellerin is the author of many articles on design and teaching in France and abroad and teaches in several schools and universities. He has provided his expertise for the creation of design schools or design centers in France and abroad on behalf of the European Union. Appointed Knight of the National Order of Merit in November 2016.

L’Ecole de design Nantes Atlantique:
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Christian Guellerin website: work in progress

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