Articulating Design

Interview with Sanmitra Chitte

Sanmitra has extensive experience as an innovation, design management, marketing and user experience-insights research, graphic design, visual merchandising, communication design, design strategy and user experience design professional collectively.

She has an experience of 19+ years in Design, Design thinking, innovation capacity building, business creation and Design Management. Now moved to academics, Sanmitra has also set up her own design studio in partnership, working in Graphic Design, branding and Exhibition space before joining Strategic Design Management in National Institute of Design.
She has diverse education and believes in multidisciplinary education as a base for holistic knowledge.
Her education ranges from Pharmacy, Animation, Graphic Design, Design Management, Innovation capacity building and Service Design and is currently an IIM research scholar.
She is a trained ZMET (Zaltman’s Metaphor Elicitation Technique) Interviewer and Analyser. This training has helped her get that edge of believing in the human power of intuition. This intuitive power helps in great design insights needed for any kind of problem solving and design solutions. She believes in women empowerment via education and self help.

She believes Design Management is the next best Education in Management sector, looking at the fact that Design is now becoming the core of future technologies. She clearly defines Design Management as Design Facilitation.

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