Drawing on Ruskin

The values of John Ruskin and their application in teaching and learning today. In celebration of 200 years since his birth.

A workshop/discussion presented at the #Artconnects19 festival on Saturday 16th of February 2019 at the Kensington Aldridge academy.

During this workshop we worked with the values outlined by Ruskin in his work the “Elements of #drawing” and other texts and discussed how can these values and ideals be applied in today’s teaching and learning of Design. The teaching and learning of Visual Communication subjects has as its foundation the drawing skills of the
student, leading to the coordination of the Hand, the Heart and the Eye. The ability of the learner to accurately observe and record is fundamental to our work and one of the main abilities that sharpen the perception is the ability to be able to draw accurately. Held at Kensington Aldridge Academy

Photo by Richard Adams

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