Design Education Talks Ep. 18 – Natalia Delgado

The students are very similar, all over the world. That’s that’s the one thing that I have found that is constant, even like Canada, Mexico, Africa, Ecuador I can tell you like all these different places.And the questions I can already anticipate the questions that I’m going to ask because of the shared human experience.

Design Education Talks Ep. 18 – Natalia Delgado

Graphic designer and educator with more than 15 years of experience in her field, Natalia has a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Communication Design and a master’s degree in Science and Arts for Design from the UNIVERSIDAD AUTÓNOMA METROPOLITANA UAM-I, and a Ph.D. in Arts Education from the @University of Victoria.

Natalia has shared her original design process and vision in conferences and workshops around the world, including Mexico, Canada, Finland, Ghana, Egypt, Ecuador and Argentina. Her work has won numerous awards, has been exhibited in more than 100 locations and published in numerous magazines, websites and books.

She is co-founder of Poster Poster, a virtual community that celebrates the power and influence of posters in our culture. Her interest in contemporary social issues has been a key element in Natalia’s work, which emphasizes the importance of considering design in its historical, social and cultural context. She worked as a consultant for the international non-profit Poster for Tomorrow in Paris and co-created the Green Streets Game, a collaborative game for community engagement in Vancouver. This year, in co-authorship with Professor Scott Laserow, Natalia will launch her first international book Making Posters, from Concept to Design, published by Bloomsbury Publishing UK.

Natalia currently teaches at the OST Micromedia program at Vanier College in Montreal, Canada and works as a virtual professor for CETYS Universidad in Ensenada, Mexico.

Poster Poster:
Making Posters:

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