Design Education Talks Ep. 11 – Joan Quiros

Joan Quirós is an independent calligrapher and lettering artist based in Valencia, Spain, where he works for the rest of the world. As a letterforms enthusiast, he started to get interested in them during his teenage years, passion which became reinforced in the course of the Graphic Design Degree which he studied in his home town. He also has great respect for the historical tradition of writing and lettering, paying special attention to the details on their shapes, creating a nexus between the past and the present, applying his contemporary perspective and personal background on each of the projects he develops. His skills have allowed him to help brands, institutions and companies of international trajectory to improve their communication with their customers through letterforms in the fields of advertising, editorial design, packaging and corporate identity, as well as the execution of exclusive and custom commissions. Besides his commercial work, he also teaches calligraphy and lettering at different masters in design and illustration, as well as workshops in different cities. Website: Instagram: Behance:

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