Design Education Talks Ep. 4 – Sanmitra Chitte

Sanmitra Chitte

Sanmitra Chitte has extensive experience as an innovation, design management, marketing and user experience-insights research, graphic design, visual merchandising, communication design, design strategy and user experience design professional collectively. She has strong client interaction skills, delivering strategic thinking across all levels. She demonstrates great skills in integrating design and innovation within corporate business, with a good understanding of the design profession, its processes and stakeholders. She is a trained Z-MET (Zaltman metaphor elicitation technique) interviewer and analyser. Expert in converting insights to tangible actions i.e. design brief. She has conducted design thinking workshops at various venues with varied audience. Sanmitra comes from a multidisciplinary background. She holds a master’s degree in strategic design management and a degree in commercial arts (BFA). She also holds a degree in broadcast journalism. Education is her passion.

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