Interview in Lublin News, Poland by Sylwia Hejno

Lefteris Heretakis designer and illustrator, tries to make his work a remedy for the consumption of images. – Every day we live in a comfortable, safe bubble. It is worth to pierce it and to include the mother, no – he says. He creates illustrations, graphics, designs, designs, is a lecturer at the Department of Fine Arts and Design at the Izmir University of Economics. InLublin Lefteris arrived at the invitation of the European Union and  Workshops of Culture. – I visited UMCS and saw that they are doing a really great jobs. It can be immediately seen that the level of education is high in Poland. I do not understand just why young Polish creators in the industry and have not heard about UMCS, which is a pity. In the modern world you have to be an artist and marketer, combine talent with skills and knowledge – he emphasizes. Lefteris Heretakis comes from Greece, lived in England for over 20 years then he moved to Turkey. Among his teachers are, the famous illustrators/designers Andrzej Klimowski, Brian Love and Jake Abrahams.
In Lublin, Lefteris will run a workshop called “Designers Manifesto. The content is a message. “Each participant should bring his personal manifesto, it does not have to be long, it is important that what is most important to him should be found in it – Then we exchange words into images. , for armpits, sounds, for paging and converting them into images films, photos.
This workshop is designed to strengthen the sequential thinking ability of the participants using the traditional tools of design thinking of Heart, Heart, Eye coordination as pioneered by Herbert Bayer, Tim Brown and presented as “Design Thinking”. The primary aim of this workshop is to unblock established ways of thinking, feeling and willing through a deep examination of their processes.
Lublin manifesto poster2.jpg

Lefteris Heretakis poprowadzi w Lublinie warsztaty, na których pokaże jak słowo można zamienić w obraz formularz na„ udział jest bezpłatny”> 


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