MacBook Unprofessional

I do not need a thinner or lighter laptop but a professional one!

Dear Apple,

I have been a loyal user of your products since 1984 and a MacBook Pro user since 2007. Since then I have bought two Macbookpro’s and I am now writing this on a late summer 2012 model. Ever since the launch of yout new MacBook socalled professional, I have after careful consideration decided not to upgrade to your newest laptop. Here is why:

You have made one of your best inventions MagSafe (copied by other manufacturers) obsolete. As a designer and a lecturer, connectivity is crucial. You have also made my Drobo5 hard drive using thunberbold3 semi obsolete too. At work I prefer to connect using Ethernet as the speed is much improved, I now need an adapter for that too. My numerous USB3 drives and sticks now need adapters as well. How about the HDMI port that I need for presentations? You are forcing me to by a new USB-C to HDMI adapter! And the SD card slot is gone as well. That’s one more adapter Appe is forcing to buy. I even need an adapter to connect my iphone to the new laptop! Please tell me in what way is a machine that requires numerous adapters, portable? Where did this disjoined thinking originate from? Ideally since CD-ROMs have truly become naturally obsolete we could see space for a second SSD drive or even a larger battery. I do not need a thinner or lighter laptop but a professional one! MacBook Pros have traditionally been the designer’s and educator’s laptops of choice, but I feel that you have now made a serious error in the direction that you are taking the new model.

I was also really upset to find out that you have limited the RAM to 16gb because as your senior vice president of worldwide marketing, Phil Schiller said:

To put more than 16GB of fast RAM into a notebook design at this time would require a memory system that consumes much more power and wouldn’t be efficient enough for a notebook.


Latest Update I:  It now seems that tiny particles of dust can render individual keys on ’s newest useless and dislodging them to fix them isn’t as easy as it was on older models.

Also see: I Am Pressing The Spacebar and Nothing Is Happening.



Who in the world save you the idea that professionals want slim and lightweight laptops? Since you have removed the cd-rom drive, you can easily fit a much larger battery and even a second ssd drive, by keeping previous weight and thickness. As professionals we urge you to finally release a real professional laptop with MagSafe, Ethernet port, usb3 ports SDcard slot and everything else that we appreciated in the MacBook Pro

Kind Regards,

Mr. Lefteris Emmanuel Heretakis MA RCA

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