What is your #Klout score?

You’ve seen these people. They appear unannounced and uninvited on your timeline or newsfeed or comment thread. They follow you on Twitter and then unfollow you if you don’t return the compliment. They have avatar biographies such as “social media guru”, “expert”, “connecter”, “super-connector”, “socmed strategist”, etc. They post about “reach”, “engagement” and “content”. They have impossible Twitter statistics: 100k followers, following 99k; and yet you’ve never heard of them. They add a hashtag #next #to #every #word #no #matter #how #trivial because it might extend a post’s reach.

#Klout70 and #Skorr70 are the vanguards for a world in which every social interaction is calculated, measured, managed, valued, gamed, shared and monetised. I find all this social media marketing business unusually frustrating.

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