Art on the Front Page at the Benaki Museum

Athens- The exhibition «Art on the Front Page» at the Benaki museum features original works by 72 Greek and foreign artists who created the front pages of the Athens Voice newspaper throughout the first year of its publication. The exhibition features work by well-known artists such as Konstantin Kakanias, Guerilla Girls, Antonis Kyriakoulis and Dimitri Papaioannou. The exhibition, curated by Aggeliki Birbili, includes the special installation “Send a message to your town”. Athens Mayor Nikita Kaklamanis was invited to the opening, which also included music by prominent composer Stamatis Kraounakis. This is the third time the Benaki Museum hosts an exhibition with Athens Voice artwork. A book with the Athens Voice covers and original work by artists has also been published.

Athens Voice is one of the most popular free press newspapers available once a week throughout Athens. It features news and commentary presented with an edge and off-beat humor on a broad range of issues, often by prominent members of Greece’s arts and letters community. The newspaper has also established itself as a reliable guide to events, happenings and places to be in Athens. The exhibition at the Benaki Museum runs until February 10th, 2008.

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