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Logo for the symposium “One minute together”. 40 creative people talk about Greece of 2007. What they would keep, what they would change for one minute each (12/07/07).

The culture is main dish and not a dessert .

By N. Nontrarou-Rassia (Eleftherotypia Newspaper- 14/07/2007)

In a space of culture, in Polis the outdoor cafe of Filekpajdeytjki Corporation that the evening with the white candles and the basils is splendid round lake with water and small flickering candles, 36 persons of culture & art expressed their thoughts for Greece of 21st century. Conference him they said and were a original organisation. It had the title of “One Minute Together” from poetic collection of Kiki’s Dimoyla’ and hostess Ntora Mpakogjanni and her children, after it took place under the auspices of KENEP Pavlos Mpakogjiannis.

In a friendly atmosphere, as they all knew each other, but also in an official manner, as each one pondered over in public with the importance (small or big) but also with each other (everything was recorded, and uploaded yesterday midday in a blog with the title of conference), began the small monologues that each member had prepared or created on the spot. Firstly had interest the issues that they developed. All had a reason funereal for burning the Parnitha and saw with optimism the spontaneous demonstration in the Constitution. They spoke for the environmental unconsciousness, the forests, the arbitrary, trespasses, the pollution of sea, the immigration as source of exchange of ideas and renewal even to the art (Anna Kafetzi), progonoplixj’a, the yfe’rponta racism, the extreme nationalism, the party interventionism, until the police violence. Were not absent of course and those that saw the invitation as occasion in order to they express personal bitter and driven back or in order to forget the present director of Greek Festival G. Louko and they condemn the removal of St. Lazaridis from the Lyriki. Until in the delay of subsidies they were reported, so much that it felt is absent from this “holy lake of culture” the at matter responsible minister. The question however that to them was placed, as pointed out the Ntora Mpakogianni, was: “Greece 2007 and afterwards… What I would keep and what I would change”. The inspired placements were not in excess. Perhaps because the limited time (1 thin) that had in the disposal them the speakers. From most interesting, in any case, placements of were Aggelos Delivorrias, who answering straightly in the question said: “I would change the ignorance, bad taste, the nastiness and mainly the greed. I would keep the behavior of the past, the surviving morals of also aesthetics. I would change the public administration, the bureaucratic callousness, the reproductive stupidity and the sinecure… I would keep obligatorily the parties flying however their intellectual laziness”. Dimitra Galani, Aggelos Delivorrias, Lydia Konj’rdoy, Tasos Mpoylmetis and Petros Markaris, 5 from the 36 persons of art and culture that accepted the invitation of Ntoras Mpakogianni In the same line and Nikos Dimou said that “it wants Greece with Greeks without Ellinarades, without laikistes and journalists, without cops torturers, without politicians that tremble the political cost”. Thanassis Valtinos made a comment to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, saying that I would leave with generosity the use of name “Macedonia” to our neighbours. The hopeful glance of Hristos Homenidis was interesting, who said that from Greece 2007 he would make sure the girls that will burn more hearts than Melina Merkouri, the generation that will write better books and musics, the children that amaze us with the knowledge and their ideas. Marina Lampraki-Plaka remembered the good days of Olympic Games, where the population made his marvel, but unfortunately “We fell again to our misery”, the Stavros Xarhakos proposed as solution him today the “release of creative forces”, Petros Markaris called to see the culture as main dish and not as a dessert, Konstantinos Markoulakis prompted us to cover with black cloths all the monuments, to hide the books in order for us discover again when we are mature in the future and Thanasis Valtinos ‘ he argued that the Hellenic Ministry of Culture “has become an ungrateful interventionist and ignores the fact that culture is something wider, creating one artistic proletariat”. The youngest 23 yar old Jacques Stefanou, said that he would changed all and nothing, asking radical change in the are of Education.

Even mergers of ministries were proposed, Culture and Education should be “in one ministry that re-forest our burnt civilization and culture” (Dimitris. Lignadis), Culture and Defense “in order to convince the governments that the culture is the only permanent defense” (Tasos Boulmetis).

Eleftherotypia Newspaper- 14/07/2007 (Translation by http://www.babelfish.altavista.com/tr)

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