Design Education Talks ep. 65 – Andi Armitage

Andi is an Academic, Designer and PhD researcher, Andi has twenty years of extensive experience and knowledge of design in the UK HE sector holding positions as Senior Lecturer in Industrial Design, Product, Design Director of Postgraduate Studies Product Design & Management across institutions in Cheshire, Liverpool City Region, and Lancashire.

Design Education Talks ep. 64 – Eloise Parrack

Eloïse Parrack was born in Bethesda, USA and graduated with an MA in Sequential Design in 2006 from the University of Brighton. Eloïse has taught extensively within both further and higher art & design education within the UK.

Design Education Talks ep. 63 – Kenan Zekic

Kenan Zekic is a design educator and multidisciplinary designer interested in social impact design. Until July 2021, he worked as a Full Professor at the International University of Sarajevo.

Design Education Talks ep. 62 – Bradford Hansen-Smith

Bradford Hansen-Smith spent the first half of his life as a sculptor; then it changed. Inspired by the work of Buckminster Fuller he took ten years to educate himself in geometry and math seeing that it all goes back to the image we draw of the circle.

Design Education Talks ep. 61 – Keith Kitz

Keith Kitz is an artist, designer, and educator living in Boston, Massachusetts. He is the Program Director, Master of Arts in Graphic Design (MAGD), and an Assistant Professor, Graphic Design at Suffolk University.

Design Education Talks ep. 57 – Christian Guellerin

Christian Guellerin is the Executive Director of L’École de design Nantes Atlantique, the President of the French association France Design Education and honorary president of Cumulus, the international association of universities and schools of design, art and media.

Design Education Talks ep. 56 – Eduardo Martres

Eduardo Martres is Associate Professor of Practice in Industrial Design at Xi’an JiaotongLiverpool University, a joint venture between the University of Liverpool from the UK and the Xi’an Jiaotong University of China, located in the city of Suzhou (China).