Design Education Talks Ep. 16 – Louise O’Boyle

In order to empower students we must make them be aware of the networks that are available to them, whether they local, national or global, and give them that confidence to try things and to know that it’s okay for something not to work and how to get back from that.

Design Education Talks Ep. 15 – Frank Peters

One of the big issues we always have now in design courses is have you built in enough risk into the projects? have you built in the fact that if a project fails, there is a very valid learning experience within that failure? have you built that in? Or is it the case that you don’t get the credits, the weighting, etc, etc.

Design Education Talks ep.13 – Derek Jones

The culmination of a good higher education and design education is the recognition of we you do as being valuable. We see the opposite in primary and secondary schools. At some point in the process we see drawing with coloured pencils as wrong and drawing with blue ink or black ink and writing on paper as correct. And we apply this, we don’t even say that explicitly and that is the worst bit.

Design Education talks episode 1 – Phil Cleaver

I design and do art and everything from the body, from how I feel, not from using my head. If I use my head I get awfully confused, because I’m so dyslexic, once I sort of try to use the brain, I know I’ve lost it. The energy you put into the work comes back. The energy comes from the body and the heart not the head.