Valencia Design Education Forum 2020

How can we solve the Design Education challenges of today in a practical/applicable/direct way? Join the discussion at Valencia Design Education Forum 2020(virtually)

This question among other discussions on design and design education is the focus of this year’s Valencia Design Education Forum 2020( #VDEF2020 ), organised on 5-6 November 2020, by the team of the New Art School, Glug Valencia and EASDV. Originally planned to take place in Valencia, due to COVID19, the event is going to be held virtually, via Zoom.

This year’s event, following the success of last year’s Alicante Design Education Forum 2019(ADEF19), brings specialists from all over the world, to share their teaching experience and their similarities and differences in teaching Art and Design at an international level, while rediscovering the common language of visual communication, and proposing creative, direct and applicable solutions to the many challenges that affect design education today.

The mission of the VDEF2020 is to bring together industry, lecturers and students to discover new ways of working together, forging curriculum that is more appropriate for this time. VDEF2020 is a practitioner’s conference that seeks solutions that are immediately applicable for the betterment of Art and Design Education as a whole.

The theme of this year’s forum is Analogue+Digital.

Design Education Talks Ep. 27 – Oded Ezer

“Pay attention to what your inside real needs are. This takes time. Find what really, really interests you today without fear, without any hesitation. And after you give yourself this time to find out everything is much easier because you are ready to sacrifice time and hard work and everything.”

Publishing moves in favour of the author.

Publishing moves in favour of the author. If one of your books sells in a book shop, as an author, you are likely to get less than 10% of the selling price.
This is not a gripe but a fact, as other people in the chain need to be duly recompensed for their part in getting the book on the shelf.