The New Art School Manifesto v. 1.42

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Universities will cease to exist when learning has degenerated into what we now call research and when their teaching has become mere instruction.

The creation of the New Art School is a necessity brought about by the climate of scientification of Art and Design by the amalgamation of existing Art and Design schools in the general university system.

We are committed to creating the next generation of artists and designers through a curriculum that is centred on observation and hand, heart, eye coordination. We encourage the use of hands, that is ultimately what distinguishes us from a mac monkey. We will also be completely abolishing failure and grading systems.

Since a great deal of information on art and design is now widely available, our focus is on learning via doing while the students take complete responsibility for their learning.

Our focus is on ideas, skills and abilities aiming to reverse the current climate of blandism, ultimately creating independent individuals able to design their life.

We must always remember that we are standing on the shoulders of giants (in no particular order): Giorgio de Chirico, Alan Fletcher, Paul Rand, Walter Gropius, Johannes Itten, Otoman Zar-Adusht Ha’nish, Paul Klee, Wassily Kandinsky, Phil Cleaver, Neil Postman, Margaret McMillan, Marshall McLuhan, Anthony Froshaug, Max Miedinger, Phil Cleaver, Eduard Hoffmann, Willy Fleckhaus, Erik Spiekermann, Adrian Frutiger, William Morris, Jan Tschichold, David Carson, Joost Schmidt, Brian Love, Jake Abrahams, Christine Newton, Herb Lubalin, Brian Eno, Tom Geismar, Ivan Chermayeff, Friedrich Fröbel, Scott Bultman, Kristina Lamour Sansone, Lance Wyman, Etienne Delessert, Shigeo Fukuda, Henri Mouron Cassandre, Dieter Rams, Joseph Müller-Brockmann, Yasuhisa Yamamura, Paula Scher, Eric Gill, William Caslon, Paul Renner, Karl Gerstner, Günter Gerhard Lange, Ferdinand Theinhardt, Tom Geismar, Hans Rudolf Bosshard, Jeff Willis, Andrzej Klimowski, Dan Fern, David Blamey, David Holmes, Herbert Bayer, Emmanuel Zacharakis, Nikolaos Kazantzakis, Nick Corston, John Taylor Gatto, David Rodriguez, Marc Lewis, Sir Henry Morgan, Anne Bonney, Christopher Corr, Massimo Vignelli, Alan Kitching, El Lissitzky, Neville Brody, Sam Conniff, Etienne Delessert, Seymour Chwast, Wim Crowel, Saul Bass, Bob Gill, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and many others.

The New Art School is a collective of like minded individuals working together to improve Art and Design Education. Click here for more information.

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